• Hallway Entrance

    Hallway Entrance

    Designed and made entirely from mouth blown glass which was cut and leaded by hand using traditional leading methods. Inspired by colours found in seascapes which were simplified and abstracted into their purest forms, creating a contemporary doorway firmly based on traditional timeless stained glass.
  • Pontyberem Property

    Pontyberem Property

    A magnificent 2 story window, plus matching two side windows and grand front door entrance. Using a limited colour pallet this is a complex piece made of an assortment of textured coloured glass, clear textured glass and Jo's specialism of kiln formed fused glass; each an art work in it's own right. This is dotted with carefully considered red highlights. A design that follows the architectural structure of the building and the shape of the windows. Touching upon the art of Mondrian and modern architecture with deliberately placed clean lines, this is a piece of stained glass for the future.
  • Eisteddfod Crown

    Urdd Eisteddfod Crown 2011

    Fused kiln glass pieces were meticulously made to be set as jewels within the crown. Made in silver and based upon Swansea's sail bridge and surrounding architecture this piece celebrates Swansea, the location of the 2011 Urdd Eisteddfod. It's rich history includes unrivaled copperworking giving it the title 'Copperoppolis' in addition to its reputation as a centre of excellence for stained glass. Therefore the kiln glass pieces pay homage by delicately combining and fusing fine pieces of copper within the small 'stone' glass fragments. Crown made by Designer Jeweller Mari Thomas
  • Neckpiece

    Bespoke Neckpiece

    Working on a completely different scale, this is a special commission for Bryony Baden, the first lady to walk to the South pole. Inspired by glaciers of ice and snow mixed with champagne bubbles this neckpiece is made of fused kiln glass and sterling silver. A collaborative commission with designer jeweller Mari Thomas